Homemade De-Icer

Here is a homemade windshield recipe that is certain to melt the frost away. This recipe will make the morning commute less burdensome.

Isopropyl Alcohol, also called called rubbing alcohol, is what is necessary to do the job. The 70% works better, but 50% will work just fine.

Mix 3 parts alcohol to 1 part water. Use any household spray bottle as a sprayer. This should get the job done. If necessary, add a squirt or two of dishwashing liquid as a wetting agent.

Spray on your windshield and watch the frost melt away! Spray all of the windows. Yes this solution actually does work. Spray your homebrew on and around the windshield wipers to help free them.

However, during temps in low 20’s and teens, alcohol and vinegar solutions tend to freeze on the glass. Ice is hard to penetrate with any solution. Actually vinegar works a little better than alcohol. During a heavy frost, spray on and wipe the glass with a towel before your spray freezes. This is very effective. Heating the car for a brief period will help to speed up the process.

Mix 3 parts vinegar with 1 part water to prevent ice from forming on the windshield and windows. Spray the night before the freeze. Don’t forget to spray the mirrors also.

Do not ever turn your wipers on before taking your hands and making sure that the wipers are not stuck to the window (in icy winter conditions). You can actually destroy the windshield wiper motor, by turning your wipers on, while the wipers are frozen to the glass. Don’t do it!

The advantages of using the homemade brew are convenience, cheaper cost, and safety. Some commercial products are dangerous to use. This recipe is safer, and cleans eyeglasses as well.

However, if you work the nightshift, need a commercial spray that will instantly get rid of the frost and ice, then Spray De-Icer
is what you need. Be careful because this stuff is toxic and can cause blindness.

Don’t let the frost get you down again.