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The Wireless FM Transmitter is a new genre for me but there is hope! I recently bought the Music Gear F2516 Wireless FM Transmitter and here’s my take on it. Digital music in the car for little dinero. You just gotta love it!

I grabbed this unit on the cheap and was skeptical from the start. I’ve been smoked a few times on cheap electronic gadgets, specifically at the local dollar store, so I’m somewhat hesitant in the electronic department. Yet I get the urge to try something new occasionally.

Even so, I gave it a try. The packaging (hard plastic) requires some cutting with hand pruners, but not that difficult either.

Now to tell on myself. Duh, the packaging says to use it on the FM transmitter. So why do I try it on the AM band? I don’t know, maybe it’s the summer heat getting to me!

After flipping the car radio to the FM broadcast band, the gadget finally played. Like I said, the summer heat can be exhausting sometimes.

For what it is, I am quite surprised at the quality. This gadget actually rocks!

I don’t understand the harsh review online about this little toy. Are you kidding me? For a few bucks I can bring my digital library with me in the car? What’s not to like here? Seriously.

The connection is very simple. This unit is a plug-in type without bluetooth. I’m just doing music and not worried about cellphone transmission. However, I think this would probably work with phone. I’m almost sure it will.

The quality of sound isn’t that bad. It’s not super high fidelity, because I’m playing through factory car speakers, an older car at that. Some may think that the sound is slightly flat on some songs and this depends on the quality of the recording. I really can’t notice the flatness.

There’s slight distortion at times (or crackling if you will) and the bass isn’t ground shaking, but my speakers are old and mediocre. It’s just what I expected.

The FM frequencies were free in my area; in a big city this might not be the case. There may be some interference. Be aware. Also, there are only 4 presets and this unit is not adjustable like the other brands.

Here are the freqs: 88.1 MHz, 88.5 MHz, 88.9 MHz, and 89.3 MHz.

There were open frequencies in my area and the unit worked great.

The cigarette plug charger (included with the package) is kind of big but fits well after applying pressure. I unplug after each usage before going back into the house. The cigarette plug does not have an on/off switch but I do not feel this is a game changer.

The Music Gear F2516 unit does have a power switch, so I need to remember to turn it off, in order to save the battery power.

The Music Gear F2516 does require two AAA batteries to operate. No problem. Just don’t forget to insert them before walking to the car. Hmmm…Yes, I forgot.

For those desiring to spend a little more and get more versatility, try the Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger.

It’s very nice to bring the iPhone along and hear some preferred tunes. I give this gadget a thumbs up. It’s a cheap transmitter that works surprisingly well. Bingo!

Big Data Is Becoming The Norm

Satellites and GPS technology are tools that have reached big industry. Take railroad for example. One piece of technology will replace 500 employees when indicating a hot box detector. Bad for employees good for stockholders. Is this beneficial for society? Only time will tell. A new farming trend is precision farming. Goodbye to conventional farming? Big data is becoming the new norm on the farm.

With the arrival of GPS and GNSS (global navigation satellite system), farmers can track data like never before. An example in place is the Grain yield monitor: A device coupled with other sensors to calculate and record the crop yield or grain yield as a modern-day combine harvester operates.

What if we bring the Unmanned aerial vehicle into the equation? The Phantom (UAV) could be flying atop your nearby field of crops and a camera can be added as an accessory by the way. Maybe we could spy on the neighbors with the Phantom?

Maybe we could use a Drone with Camera for Beginners!

When spacing the rows of my crops I used a couple of good old tobacco sticks. No, not very high tech, but very practical and efficient. What if one had the equipment to use satellites in the sky to do this Precision farming?

What about the DJI MG-1S – the Agricultural Wonder Drone? Agricultural drones to the rescue!

Waterproof products are very useful, but we sometimes forget the list that’s available. Water repellency is what we’re after, on the car, in the back yard, camping gear, marine, electronics, amateur radio gear, etc. Let’s finish the project with style.

Top Waterproof Products

1. Scotch Electrical Tape Super 33+ Vinyl — The tape’s pressure-sensitive, rubber-resin adhesive and a durable PVC backing provide great protection. Stands up to the elements: from UV rays and moisture to alkalis, acids and corrosion. Stretch it until it breaks!

2. Star brite — For boat covers, bimini tops, sail covers, clothing, car covers, tents, tarps, foul weather gear, convertible tops, and more. It’s easy to use; simply spray the fabric to be restored, and allow it to dry for 6 hours before use.

3. Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker — Threadlocker Blue 242 locks threaded metal fasteners against vibration loosening. Sets in 20 minutes; cures in 24 hours. Useful for small motors, mowers, and power equipment. This is also fantastic for antenna assembly, especially those loose wing nut type assembly jobs. Keep your screws from coming loose and have fun.

4. Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant — Use for sealing or repairing door frames, windows, vents, toys, appliances, gaskets, weather-stripping, outside of fireplace doors, shoes and boots. Bonds ABS, glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, cultured marble, fiberglass, granite, vinyl tile, some rubbers and plastics.

5. Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent — Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windshield while driving.

The Uniden Bearcat BC-560XLT 16 channel scanner is a classic. I recently had the chance to program one of these gems and I really liked the feel of it. Uniden of course makes excellent police scanners, as anyone might surmise.

Programming is a breeze even without the manual. It seems like the BC-560XLT was manufactured around 1988, so it has been around. It looks nice, is easy to function, and receive is great. What more can one say for a scanner than can be acquired on the cheap for a song and a dance.

Oddly, there were no beeps as I punched the keys when programming. And those older scanners do not have a digital frequency display, which isn’t a downer, but the digital readout is preferred.

Nevertheless, if I found one these ancient 1980’s model on the cheap, there’s no doubt I would add it to my humble collection. Nothing fancy here, but who needs fancy.

It does come equipped with the old bullet style antenna connection, the speaker is on the bottom, but an external speaker could fix this easily.

As I recall, this unit can be used in the car with a DC adapter, which is a plus scanner fans, for power outages of course.

Bottom line…this one is a keeper. Happy scanning! Keep your powder dry!

Eeeks! It’s just one of those days when the audio goes out on the television, which is connected to the DirecTV receiver box. The problem is actually to do with the DirecTV receiver box. For some unknown reason the TV turns silent and the universe is not complete. What to do? I want to hear some sound. Help?

The best choice is to…reset your DirecTV receiver box. There are a few menu options you will need to navigate through to get your audio working again.


  1. Press Menu Button on DirecTV Remote
  2. Parental, Fav’s & Setup
  3. System Setup
  4. Reset
  5. Reset Everything
  6. Press DASH (-) on DirecTV Remote

Never fear. The TV will shut itself off and the universe will go blank for a moment. Never fear. Programming will return to normal and then some sweet audio will come back to life once again.

There Seems To Be Fog Over Portland

On September 20, 1952, Oregon’s first television station had the honor of being the first commercial television station to broadcast on the UHF band. KPTV (CH 27) made it as Oregon’s first television station. The year of 1952 must have been a good one.

Antennas were installed all over the city of Portland, as some refer to it as Fog Over Portland

As Portland’s only television station at the time, it carried programming from all four networks. (It has operated on VHF Channel 12 since 1957.)

Radio waves in the UHF band travel almost entirely by line-of-sight propagation and ground reflection.

What was code-named as Operation Bridgeport went on the air on December 29, 1949, via KC2XAK. This was the world’s first UHF television station, recognized as WNBT (NBC 4).

Also, it was broadcasted on UHF Channel 24 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Mind you this was an experimental project.

“The station used a 1 kW transmitter with a 20-dB gain antenna on a 210-foot (64 m) tower elevated 450 feet (140 m) above average terrain.”

After Operation Bridgeport was shut down by RCA and NBC on August 23, 1952, the transmitter and support equipment was dismantled in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The equipment was shipped via truck and fast freight train to Portland, Oregon.

KC2XAK was to be the first UHF station on the air, however it was an experimental station.

UHF channels are still used for digital television (DTV), and it wasn’t until the 1990’s that digital TV became a possibility.

GPE 27 5/8 Antenna Good For DX

The low radiation angle for the Sirio Antenna Sirio GPE 27 5/8 is excellent for DX. The Sirio GPE 27 5/8 Antenna is designed for the 10m & 11m in frequency range. It’s omnidirectional and tunable by acting on the whip length, plus low radiation angle for excellent DX. The coil is protected by a transparent cover.

The whip is equipped with the waterproof jointing sleeve, also made of aluminum alloy 6063 T-832 offering protection from static discharges.

The ground plane frequency range: tunable from 26.4 to 29.0 MHz. Will do more with a tuner, because a video shows the operator transmitting on a 20m frequency.

Materials are aluminum, steel, copper, and nylon. Made of anti-corodal aluminum tubes and supplied with polythene jointing sleeves to be a perfect waterproofing. Strong and easy to install.

This looks like a solid antenna sold for a reasonable price.

Happy DXing.

How to connect multiple devices to a television, even an old TV? Not a problem. Panlong 4-Way AV switch allows you to connect multiple video devices with AV out (such as Wii, XBOX, DVD, PS2, Cable Box, Raspberry Pi, Roku) to one set of standard yellow-white-red RCA connectors of your TV using AV cables.

I bought this Panlong 4-Way to hook up several devices to an old TV and I never had a single issue. This gadget requires no power, so no need for an extra outlet.

You just push the button that’s connected to the gadget that you want to play and then you’re ready. It’s that simple.

You have Panlong 4-Way and you also have Panlong 8-Way, which allows you to connect even more of your favorite gadgets.

It depends on how many gadgets you have.

I personally tried this one and it works well, looks good, and is sooo simple to use.

Thanks for reading this and have a good day!

Signal Carrier In AM and FM

AM FM Signals

Amplitude is defined as the distance between the tip crest of the wave to the rest position of the wave.

With Amplitude modulation, the amplitude of the carrier wave varies, while the frequency remains constant.

Frequency modulation is the encoding of information in a carrier wave by varying the instantaneous frequency of the wave.

FM has better noise (RFI) rejection than AM, making it the more popular choice for broadcasting.

Single Sideband Carrier


Most ham operators in the HF radio spectrum efficiently use Sideband, a band of frequencies higher than or lower than the carrier frequency, containing power as a result of the modulation process.

The signal components above the carrier frequency constitute the upper sideband (USB), and those below the carrier frequency constitute the lower sideband (LSB).

In SSB, the carrier is suppressed, significantly reducing the electrical power (by up to 12 dB) without affecting the information in the sideband.

Mobile And Wi-Fi Signals

What about Mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals? What is the engineering involved with these modes?

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Shadow SH T16 Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard with Mouse for PC, PAD, XBox 360, PS3, Google Android TV Box, HTPC, IPTV [2017]

Look. I need function buttons and I need them now! I have my movies plus the usual important geek stuff, but what was truly missing in my life was my shadow. No, please don’t think that I’m losing it. Yet, I do not want to lose my shadow again. Never again. (Shadow SH T16 for specifics.) Hi hi. We’re talking stylish petite wireless touchpad keyboard. The Shadow looks and feels great. It’s so small. I’m ordering another shadow!

Perfect for Computer Windows2000,WindowsXP,Vista,WIN7,WIN10,LINGX,Andriod,Notebook, Tablet(USB port), Xbox 360, PS3, Android TV Box, IPTV, HTPC, Projector, Smartphone(OTG), ect.

The Search Option w/QWERTY keyboard
Let’s get specific. I was concerned about the search option. There’s no shortcut button to punch per se, but the touchpad allows you to get there. Yes, search is available. I wanted the search option and I got it. Hurrah.

Shortcut To Favorites
This was extra creme on the pie so to speak so you just gotta love it. Instead of the usual three or four steps to the garden path, I now beam down instantly.

Volume Control
There’s nothing more annoying than not possessing volume control. It doesn’t matter what gadget you’re playing, volume is a must these days. The Shadow offers these options.

Sensitive Smart Touchpad
Built-in high sensitive smart touchpad with 360-degree flip design, access to left click, right click, scroll bar.

Give me more baby! (Lingo for highly recommended to other tech enthusiasts.)

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