If you wanted a perfect office clock, what would the features require? What makes a good clock for home or office use? Maybe a Digital Battery Atomic Alarm Clock (hito) would be the ultimate office clock, especially one that keeps military time.

Operated by 2 AA batteries, a key feature is the auto night light which makes the atomic clock glow in the dark. If there’s a power outage it will not matter. That’s certainly a nice feature.

If military time is important, this one offers that capability, even if it not represented in the description. Trust me it works.

The large, easy to read display is the kicker. Large numbers in the room. Anybody can read this giant display, and the top button conveniently turns a light on in the night, for a quick reading. Now that’s nice.

Who doesn’t appreciate an atomic clock which keeps perfect time even during a power outage? How good can it get?

This palm-sized device also displays the month, date, day, inside temperature, and digital second hand. All this in one package.

I couldn’t think of a nicer gift to hand someone and see them satisfied, especially if the other party is into gadgets. And who isn’t these days?

I bought one and would not hesitate to get another. Here is the link: hito 3.8″ Digital Battery Atomic Alarm Clock