Today’s lifestyle requires the tools for living on the run, especially a good solid bluetooth speaker. Until this baby, the JBL Charge 3, I was skeptical about the bluetooth world. The JBL Charge has changed all that. Now I’m hooked. I’m in…LOL…

What do I like about this awesome sound machine? That’s it. The sound is outrageous. It’s got highs and lows. The bass is extraordinary; in fact it will rattle the windows! It’s a nice, clear sound. One does not need distortion. Not ever.

Functionality and ease of use is on point for sure. Turn the power button on and bingo! Ready for prime time!

Music and podcasting are my modes of traffic, yet this electronic device will accommodate the smartphone calls as well, automatically. I’ve tried it out accidentally and the quality is there no doubt.

For around $100 you get the total package. Yes, it seems a bit high for a bluetooth speaker, but as the title states, this is the ultimate bluetooth speaker. You can get one for less money, but it’s not going to be as dynamic as this mobile sound machine.

If there’s one thing I wish were different it would be a replaceable battery. A mini graphic equalizer would be nice! What about bass and treble control knobs? Maybe solar charging options?

Hey, there’s nothing like a good set of cans (headphones), but it’s summer and the heat is on! I need some boom and this is it! Link: JBL Charge 3

I settled for black but I favor the blue. What color say you?