If you’re wanting to stream content with a device such as Apple TV for example, but you do not have a flat screen TV, there’s a gadget that you might be interested in. The HDMI to RCA composite enables users to stream with the old style television. Yes, Apple fans can watch Apple TV with that old TV. Chromecast is another viable choice.

With the use of this device (Tendak 1080P HDMI to AV 3RCA CVBs Composite Video Audio Converter), the arrangement is possible.

What are the tools necessary to make the operation work? This gadget uses a normal size HDMI cord, and the RCA/AVG cable is needed.

Also, a USB power adapter (USB Power Adapters) is a must, because the HDMI to RCA composite does not produce its own power.

Chromecast to AV is another wonderful option. The Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player will work with an old TV that doesn’t have an HDMI port. Example: HDMI Converter for Google Chromecast (Use Chromecast with Older TVs that have Composite (red/white/yellow) Inputs. Includes Converter, Power Adapter Cable and Composite Video Cable.)


The Mini HDMI to AV signal converter which will convert HDM video signal or audio signal to AV(CVBS)composite video signal and the FL/FR stereo audio signals, while support DVI system sideline signals.To help users convert the high quality of the HDMI video signal into normal CVBS signal(standard-definition 480i,576i). So that can play on TV,VHS VCR,DVD recorders,etc and support NTSC and PAL two TV format. Features: 1.No need to install drivers,portable,flexible,plug and play.

1. OREI HDMI to HDMI Converter — Works with various HDMI source devices like Roku or Chromecast without dedicated audio output as well as Blu-ray/ DVD/ HD player, cable/satellite box, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PS3/4, Xbox, PC/laptop, HD camera, HD DVR etc. 1 Year Warranty – Full OREI Support.