Microphone Shootout: Electro-Voice RE27 VS Transcontinental Studios Pro

The name of this new microphone is what? The Transcontinental Studios Pro Vocal Microphone is sold at Amazon.com and the price is very affordable. Maybe I’m missing something, but I believe this is a dynamic microphone.

There is plenty of discussion about this new mic and I finally got the opportunity to hear the vocal mic shoot-out. The rumor going around is that it sounds comparable to the Electro-Voice RE27. I heard the audio comparison myself and was quite impressed with the outcome.

The Transcontinental has plenty of presence. If there was any difference at all between these two mics, the RE27 may have more presence in the low range. Personally, my ears could not hear much difference.

Consequently, the results are stunning if you compare the prices of both mics. The EV RE27 is at the top of the food chain, but the price is very high also. The Transcontinental is a fabulous substitute, especially if there’s no need to be politically correct.

One caveat here, albeit not a big one. Even though the microphone utilizes the XLR 3 pin connector, the cable supplied has a 1/4 inch jack on the end of it, thus making it an unbalanced line. An adapter and/or XLR cable is going to be an extra with this project. So that means a few more bucks. No problem.

Impedance on the Transcontinental: 600 Ohm.

I will be ordering one soon…