Big Zapper Antenna

HF Bands Covered: 6 — 160 (192 feet length)

The Big Zapper HF Antenna

1. Uses 96 feet quarter wave, or per leg. Copper wire (solid) preferred is AWG #14 or #12. Width is 192 feet total.

2. Uses 65 feet matching stub, feeding with 450 ohm ladder line, and 14 gauge is standard specification.

3. For best results, installation should be at height of 40 feet minimum.

4. The center should be supported and the ends should be raised or lowered for impedance of 100 ohms on 80 meters.

5. Provides a perfect match on 80 and 160 by using a 2:1 balun at the feedpoint.

6. Also optimized for the 40 meter band.

7. Automatic tuner should function properly with antenna.

Designed by N4MXZ; modified and popularized by W4COX