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Nothing like flowers to brighten and accent any corner in the garden. Think accent and not a hodgepodge of oblivion. The new craze that’s bound to jazz up the garden is solar path lights. These lights provide a night accent which welcomes any visitor that strolls in the dusk hours. The smaller solar lights that […]

Around The World With Solar Power Tûranor PlanetSolar is the biggest solar run ship in the world. If you visit the website you can find out the actual position of the boat. The name Tûranor, derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings, translates to “The Power of the Sun”. Here is the […]

Solar Hot Air Collector Using Soda Cans

The solar panel has caught the attention of homeowners and it has been the darling of the media. Passive heating systems are normally cheaper and can be done as a weekend project. Solar hot air is gaining momentum, and many DIY’ers are building solar hot air collectors using soda cans. One has to use the […]

Analysis:  U.S. offiicials conceived of a plan and gave $10 million for a $50 light bulb. Who thinks that government should subsidize $10 million worth of taxpayer dollars in order to get a $50 light bulb? Should we take a vote? Ja, we kunnen het! The Philips 423244 10-Watt 60-Watt L-Prize Award Winning LED Light […]

Read My Lips, No New CARBON Taxes “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” were the words that were uttered out of the mouth of Julia Gillard, while she was campaigning for office. After getting into office her stance changed on a dime. After the election, Gillard announced to Australians that […]

Konkol House: It Heats And Powers Itself

No Furnace Required Dr. Gary Konkol decided to build a new home after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He made the choice of building an energy efficient house. The model was designed after a Passive house. Unfortunately, Dr. Konkol’s wife passed away a little more than a year ago. He chose to go ahead […]

Li-ion Motors Will Launch “The Inizio” On September 15, 2010, Li-ion Motors (OTC BB: LMCO.OB) will launch its new all electric super car –“The Inizio”. Buyers with get their choice of two versions. The powerful Inizio will do more than 200 mph and the less powerful version will do 170 mph/241.4 km. The LiV Inizio  can be […]

New Age Green Tycoons

Black Gold Is Turning Green When we think of vast fortunes made in the world, we tend to focus on Big Oil fortunes. Oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller revolutionalized the petroleum business. But times are changing. Don’t think so? Green tycoons you might ask in bewilderment? Stop scratching your head. What about Zerocarbonista guy Dale Vince? Never […]

Five Facts: A Guide To Wind Energy

Global Wind Day – Tuesday, June 15 THE FIVE WIND FACTS 1. Wind works by creating  jobs. Currently the wind industry employs 85,000 people, including 18,500 in the manufacturing sector alone. According to a recent study from Navigant Consulting, a 25% national renewable electricity standard (RES) would result in some 274,000 renewable energy jobs. And there […]

Solar Power In Abu Dhabi

World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant In UAE  Shams 1, the first part out of three solar plants, will cost $600 million, and will have the capacity of 100-125 megawatts. Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems use lenses or mirrors to focus a large area of sunlight onto a small area. These systems use the sun’s rays […]

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