No Furnace Required

Dr. Gary Konkol decided to build a new home after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He made the choice of building an energy efficient house. The model was designed after a Passive house. Unfortunately, Dr. Konkol’s wife passed away a little more than a year ago. He chose to go ahead and build the house anyway.

The Konkol House is simply amazing, especially when compared to houses built using conventional methodology. Building a new house like this actually uses 21st technology, instead of using 20th technology. The 2,000 square feet house is a dream.

The house was built using three times the insulation that a normal house would have. This provides a thermal type of coverage during cold winters. A house like this doesn’t even have a furnace. On the coldest and cloudiest day of the year, electric floor mats kick on. These mats use very little energy and will keep the house at 67 degrees. That’s not bad.

But normally on a sunny day in the winter, the house reaches from 75 to 78 degrees. That is awesome and is to be appreciated.

According to the Hudson Star-Observer, his electric bill for November was a whopping $56. The house does have solar panels that gives credit back to the owner.

This Passive House In The Woods is located at Kirkwood Way North, outside of North Hudson, Wisconsin.