Read My Lips, No New CARBON Taxes

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” were the words that were uttered out of the mouth of Julia Gillard, while she was campaigning for office. After getting into office her stance changed on a dime. After the election, Gillard announced to Australians that she wanted to put a tax on carbon. Can you say flip flop?

The current Prime Minister of Australia is being harshly criticized; many Australians have called her words lies. Her flip flopping has got her choking on her words.

In a recent Galaxy Poll conducted in June, at least 58% were against the tax, while only 28% were in favor. The rest were undecided.

A recent heated debate has even fueled a war of words between Gillard and the opposition.

Attitudes have changed in Australia over the last few years. Australians, just like Americans, are more worried about their jobs. Another poll from Sydney claims that support for climate change has dropped significantly — from 75% in 2007, to only 40%. And 80% of Australians say the government is doing a poor job.

A carbon tax would cost Bluescope Steel an extra $300 million a year, chief executive Paul O’Malley told the ABC’s Inside Business program (The West Australian).

“It seems to be captured by people who don’t care whether there are manufacturing jobs in Australia and you just wonder whether there is an anti-manufacturing focus in Australia and that people want jobs to go offshore. I think there is at the moment.”

In this charming YouTube video it’s clear that there’s strong support for Julian Assange, the famous whistleblower.

In a surprise appearance, Assange addressed the following to the Prime Minister:

“But what Australian citizens want to know is which country you represent. Do you represent Australians and will you fight for Australian interests? Because it’s not the first time that you or a member of your cabinet has been into a U.S. government building and exchanged information. In fact, we have intelligence that your government has been exchanging information with foreign powers, about Australian citizens working for WikiLeaks. So Prime Minister, my question to you is this: When will you come clean about precisely what information you have supplied to foreign powers, about Australian citizens working or affiliated with WikiLeaks? And if you can not give a full and frank answer to that question, should perhaps the Australian people consider charging you with treason?”