The little BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio is a great little radio for what it is. Well, anyways I like mine and I finally got around to the accessories for it. The antenna for my Baofeng is a real diamond, the Diamond RH77CA Dual-Band Antenna that is…

Yes, some say that analog radio is no longer functional and I get it, but for this price I can afford to have ham radio fun. The 144/440 MHz. Dual-Band activity isn’t what it used to be, but this radio is still a bang for the buck.

The antenna that I tried has the Diamond (RH77CA) brand on it, and I’m telling you it owns up to the brand name. No doubt about it. I now highly recommend the Diamond brand.

The Diamond RH77CA comes with BNC connection and it pops on real easy. BNC is the way to go for me on the handheld talkie.

Reception is absolutely awesome, even though the propagation hasn’t been all that great at times. Weather is always a factor and this is life. Does this antenna pull in the signals!

If style and looks is part of the equation and it always is, this antenna passes all standards guaranteed. It looks professional.

So the question at hand is this an improvement over the stock antenna? Yes, it is, especially on the VHF end.

I recommend this antenna and added it to my collection: Diamond RH77CA Dual-Band Antenna.