Qui es-tu Fritz Haber?

We begin with a chilling statistic: 91% of men, and 84% of women, have fantasized about killing someone. Qui es-tu Fritz Haber?

The 20th century changes planet earth forever, with a grand scale of war that had never been imaginable. Meanwhile, back on the farm, life was difficult and sometimes bearable. Nationalism brings with it the idea of sovereignty plus a new national identity.

What’s the accomplishment that’s so great? Haber is known for developing and weaponizing chlorine and other poisonous gases during World War I. Ironically, it was his discovery of Zyklon B that was used at the Auschwitz death camp to murder Jews and other victims during the Holocaust. This was during World War II.

Remember, it should be noted that Fritz Haber’s heritage was Jewish. This means that his inventions helped to kill his own people.

He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for his invention of the Haber–Bosch process, a method used in industry to synthesize ammonia from nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas.

Another important discovery was the Haber–Weiss reaction.

In January 2012, Radiolab aired a segment on Haber, including the invention of the Haber Process, the Second Battle of Ypres, his involvement with Zyklon B, and the death of his wife, Clara.

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