Bad Economic Times Has Helped Trigger Anger Against Governments

After the latest press conference was held in America, President Obama’s display of confidence was well received. Even during these troubled times, there seems to be a glimmer of hope in America, at least for now. The President has asked Americans to be patient.

Europeans are feeling the crunch as well. The financial meltdown in Iceland was thought to have been isolated. The recent uprising in Greece  was thought to have been just another incident. But, the cold, harsh reality has set in. Discontent, along with violence, has spread throughout Europe.

Recent turmoil in France is a very good sign of what is happening all over Europe. President Nicolas Sarkozy is facing tumult in France. Violence in France attracts publicity. Censorship often prevents journalists from doing their job. Censorship does exist in many modern countries, in one form or another.

The global financial crisis has sparked much protest and unrest  in Europe. In other countries such as — Bosnia, Britain, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russia, and Ukraine.

The consensus is that the poor are paying for the super rich.

European leaders could be in danger of another French Revolution. Independent consultant, Wouter van Dieren, reveals the situation:

“I’m afraid that the European leaders are not aware yet of the real concerns of the general public, voters, consumers. When you see the current French uprising, it makes me think of the French revolution of 220 years ago. There is great anger among the public because they are having to foot the bill of the swindling financial markets over the past few years.”