Programming Repeaters In The Radio Shack HTX-202

The Radio Shack HTX-202 2 Meter Hand Held HT is rock solid. Just ask any ham that owns one and you will get the same response — this brick is a workhorse! Here are some reviews of the HTX-202.

No it’s not fancy, it’s not small, it’s not real pretty (although it’s not ugly either), but it is reliable. The audio is spectacular for an HT. But programming this radio can be painful. I have 12 repeaters programmed in my radio. Here is how I did it…


1.  Find a frequency by punching the D key (right bottom). Use the C key for repeaters once they are programmed. Keep in mind which number or in what order that you want to store repeater frequencies.
2.  Press the * key to go backward, and the # key to go forward.
3.  Press F + M-WR to save the settings once you have found the right frequency that you are looking for.
4.  For the Offset of the repeater. Press F + +/- .
5.  For the PL Tone. Press F + M-SET. Then press *(SC key bottom left).
6.  Save settings with F + M-WR. Remember, you may have to save your settings after each procedure.

The F key is the one the left side of the HT; it’s just above the PT key. If these instructions are not clear, or perhaps you would like to know more about the HTX-202, here is the online manual (PDF).