Would you use baker’s yeast in the septic tank? Have you ever heard of this? Neither had I. I talked to a septic tank specialist and he recommended using it, something like Instant Yeast (Fleischmanns) 1lb.

The guy I talked to said it would be a good idea to use one packet a month. He said to put the ingredients in a warm cup of water and then flush it down the toilet. It can also be used in the sink.

I had never heard of this before but the idea didn’t sound too ridiculous to me. He said the yeast would eat the bacteria in the tank.

Active dry yeast is the form of yeast most commonly available to noncommercial bakers in the United States. It can be stored at room temperature for a year, or frozen for more than a decade.

Baker’s yeast is normally used to bake bread, as it is used as a leavening agent. One could also use the yeast in a bread machine to make bread. It’s an interesting topic either way.