Not only is receiving free television achievable, it is actually quite fashionable these days. You may argue that there’s nothing to watch on broadcast television. Well, there’s nothing on satellite dish either. And free HDTV is better, especially the quality of the picture. I’m a fool for free TV!

Yes, I had satellite television for years. The monthly bill kept going up and the quality of the programming kept going down, way down. It felt like it just wasn’t worth the price anymore. And I love to experiment, so I built my own HDTV antenna. Guess what? It worked! I live in a rural area and after a bit of research and hard work I now receive 13+ (up to 21 so far) channels nearly all of the time. I always receive the major networks. I intend to get more channels as time passes by. I live 50+ miles from most of these transmitters.

I no longer have pay TV and I am very satisfied with this arrangement. I do use YouTube videos frequently for entertainment and educational purposes.

I ran across a very nice website that has the function of a signal locator, as well as mapping. This is called TV Fool. This will inform anyone of where the stations are located and the strength of the signal from any location. Very nice.

DTV Reception Maps are handy.

Do I have any regrets with cutting the cord? No, I do not. I receive all of the big network channels. This includes NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and numerous PBS stations. I have a channel dedicated for weather radar only and this is nice. I watch movies (free of course) and the picture quality is outstanding.

Always available, always free, and no price hikes. How much are you spending on television programming?