Do you want your old car to run like a new one? I have a quick tip that will cost you very little and will certainly make your engine run smoother.  If your car matters to you, then try this!

I’m speaking of a gas additive—Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz.—to put in your gas tank.

It’s this simple. The next time you fill up your gas tank, or at least half fill it, pour the whole bottle of Sea Foam in the gas tank. I promise that it will not harm your vehicle and I promise that it will clean your carburetor real good.

From the bottle: Liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants.

Here’s what happens. Over a period of time the carb will get buildup and cause the motor to run a little ragged. This wonderful gas additive cleans out all of that gook.

I especially recommend using this product before or during winter, because this is a critical time for drivers. Who doesn’t want the car to perform better?

Your car doesn’t have to be old for this product to work. It will work on new vehicles also. It’s a good idea to use this product every 6 months or at least once a year. You’ll be glad that you did.

Drive safely. Have fun!