RCA Switcher 8-In-1-Out Composite Box

Let’s say that you have something like a Roku box hooked up to your television, and you want to add another device such as a DVD player. Suppose you would prefer the convenience of a switch or a button, instead of plugging and unplugging the wires every time you change electronic boxes. Simple push-button switching is the applicable solution.

AV Switch Solution: (Panlong AV Switch) — The AV switch allows you to connect multiple video devices with AV out (such as Wii, XBOX, DVD, PS2, Cable Box) to your TV using AV cables. Then you will be able to easily switch the input signal without the need to disconnect and re-connect your AV devices.

Will this work with any device that has the A/V connection? Yes it will. If your device has the AV connection, then you’re in business.

Does the AV Switch require power or is it self-powered? This unit is self-powered and will not require another electrical outlet. This is great for electronic hobbyists that have run out of outlets.

Also, the AV box does not come with the necessary composite cables to hook up those different devices. You must purchase the cables separately.

Easy installation and operation. No extra power supply needed.

More Options
1.GE 73344 4-Way Switch — Use to conveniently switch between 4 A/V devices