Send digital audio to the old stereo with digital to analog adapter.

Don’t you hate it when you buy the 43 inch HDTV and the audio output is limited? Why can’t the manufacturer add better audio outputs? Anyhow, if you’re lucky enough to have an optical output, here’s an adapter that may be of use: Fosmon Digital to Analog Stereo Audio Converter Adapter — Changes Digital Coaxial or Optical Toslink [SPDIF] into Stereo 3.5mm Jack or L/R (Red/White) RCA Audio Outputs.

What does it do exactly? It converts coaxial or optical digital audio input to analog stereo output over RCA or 3.5mm mini jack. This means you can listen to the TV with a pair of headphones, connect to an external device such as an amplifier, connect Xbox, or connect the sound bar to TV.

There’s another edition and I don’t know what the difference is: Fosmon Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter.

This gadget may not be for everyone, yet some may find it very helpful. It comes with power adapter and cord.

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