RF Coax Adapter F Female To UHF Male PL-259 Connector

RF coaxial coax adapterFrom RG8X Coax To RG6 Coax. What is needed is this: RF coaxial coax adapter F female to UHF male PL-259 connector.

Sometimes I will use an outside antenna that is not designed for this purpose, and feed it to my police radio scanner or stereo receiver.

For example, the Mosley TA-33 yagi, an antenna designed for ham radio, makes for an awesome FM broadcast antenna. (The coax coming from it is RG8X.)

In the process, I am using big coax, such as RG8X, and feeding it to the small TV type cable, known as the RG6 coax, or RG59, a lighter version.

In between will be a barrel connector (Valley Enterprises UHF Female to UHF Female (S0239) Coax Cable Coupler Adapter), which connects two male PL-259 types. On the other end of the barrel connector will be the RF Coax Adapter F Female To UHF Male PL-259 Connector.

With this splitter, Coaxial T Adapter, F Female / Female / Female, I have the option of using one or two antennas before feeding into the signal amplifier.

From there, I will use a short run of RG-6 coax which feeds into a signal amplifier, and then feeds into radio scanner, stereo, etc.

Coming from the signal amplifier and feeding it to my radio scanner uses the TV coax, and in order for it to work, this adapter is necessary: Monoprice 104125 BNC Male to F Female Adaptor, Gold Plated.

I use these adapters for receive only, and this is not recommended for transmit.