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RF Coax Adapter F Female To UHF Male PL-259 Connector From RG8X Coax To RG6 Coax. What is needed is this: RF coaxial coax adapter F female to UHF male PL-259 connector. Sometimes I will use an outside antenna that is not designed for this purpose, and feed it to my police radio scanner or […]

Send digital audio to the old stereo with digital to analog adapter. Don’t you hate it when you buy the 43 inch HDTV and the audio output is limited? Why can’t the manufacturer add better audio outputs? Anyhow, if you’re lucky enough to have an optical output, here’s an adapter that may be of use: […]

The weather’s getting very cold outside and it’s that time of the year to catch your favorite team on the tube. If you’re like many who don’t want to be bothered by traffic on the freeway, you’ll probably order the television online. What is the right television to watch the game on? If you need […]

Product: DB4e By Antennas Direct No cable fee, no satellite dish fee, and no increase in bills. And no grainy picture that is totally inferior to true HD quality. Whether you live 30 miles or 60 miles from the broadcast transmitter, you can enjoy free television without the hassles. With this long range HDTV antenna, […]

Valuable heat may be escaping through the doors and windows, and this means a larger heating bill. Find out where to insulate like the pros. Is there a practical device to measure surface heat? Stick this in your toolbox: Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun, Yellow/Black. It has a built […]

Reduce Stress With Elegant UnicornTech USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp Wireless and portable LED desk lamp on demand. Power outage got you frustrated? What if you had a USB Powered Lamp that is rechargeable? It can be powered by built-in battery so it’s wireless and portable. You can move around in your house or take it when […]

Portable Digital Media Player Guarantee: Lifetime customer support and a 5 year warranty are included! Personalize your taste in a minute. The technology is here to do just that. Enter the age of the Digital Media Player…Choose the concert and the time, without all of the hassles. Wherever there’s a modern television set and an […]

RCA Switcher 8-In-1-Out Composite Box Let’s say that you have something like a Roku box hooked up to your television, and you want to add another device such as a DVD player. Suppose you would prefer the convenience of a switch or a button, instead of plugging and unplugging the wires every time you change […]

Morse Code By Sound

International Morse Code 1. The length of a dot is one unit. 2. A dash is three units. 3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit. 4. The space between letters is three units. 5. The space between words is seven units. 6. Di is for dot and dah is for […]

The iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets is a great product, because it cleans thoroughly, with a push of a button. The problem is that it will leave marks on the furniture and the walls. I found a tape that prevents this. The solution: Frost King R734H Sponge Rubber Foam Tape 3/4″ W […]

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