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The Twenty-One Foot Man Eater Nearly Got Me! Well, I could pretend this was a wild fishing expedition on the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Florida somewhere, but let me be honest. The green screen, also known as chroma key, arrived in the mail and I’m having some fun with it. The photo […]

VHF-Hi Frequency range: 174~230MHz (Channel Range: 7-13) Max gain: 12dB Not long ago, I purchased a commercial 4-bay UHF HDTV antenna and I am absolutely thrilled with it. There was only one problem that I hadn’t solved. My new antenna would not receive VHF frequencies and I had that one oddball channel which was in […]

The weather’s getting very cold outside and it’s that time of the year to catch your favorite team on the tube. If you’re like many who don’t want to be bothered by traffic on the freeway, you’ll probably order the television online. What is the right television to watch the game on? If you need […]

Reduce Stress With Elegant UnicornTech USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp Wireless and portable LED desk lamp on demand. Power outage got you frustrated? What if you had a USB Powered Lamp that is rechargeable? It can be powered by built-in battery so it’s wireless and portable. You can move around in your house or take it when […]

Portable Digital Media Player Guarantee: Lifetime customer support and a 5 year warranty are included! Personalize your taste in a minute. The technology is here to do just that. Enter the age of the Digital Media Player…Choose the concert and the time, without all of the hassles. Wherever there’s a modern television set and an […]

RCA Switcher 8-In-1-Out Composite Box Let’s say that you have something like a Roku box hooked up to your television, and you want to add another device such as a DVD player. Suppose you would prefer the convenience of a switch or a button, instead of plugging and unplugging the wires every time you change […]

NASA Webcam Websites: 1. NASA TV 2. UStream channel NASA TV to Host Perseid Meteor Shower Program Live Coverage of 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower at NASA. Viewers can enjoy a front row seat, because a webcam will go live at the NASA website. This week’s Perseid show is expected to be one of the best […]

You can secretly spy like a pro with the Etekcity 2-in-1 8GB Mini Portable Rechargeable Digital Audio Voice Recorder Pen / Dictaphone & USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Black, 150Hours). Of course there are other wonderful uses: classes, lectures, meetings, interviews, parties, blackmailing, etc. This USB drive is very inconspicuous and hidden from roving eyes. How […]

Connect your VGA monitor to Apple Mac mini If the primary target is to connect the Apple Mac mini to a PC monitor, there’s some valuable information that is conclusive to the final results. Assuming that your monitor is HDMI-less, do not be upset, because there is a way to hook up a VGA monitor […]

HDHomeRun EXTEND OTA TV Tuner Turn your computer into a true media center with software and the SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND 2-Tuner. Watch the game live on your phone or tablet wherever you are in your home. Extend’ your multi-room, multi-device, multi-user TV experience. The HomeRun TV Tuner enables you to receive the glorious HD 1080i […]

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