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Cheaper Wire For Ham Antenna Projects

In certain situations less is more! Especially for listening to the lower bands in this crazy unpredictable solar cycle, I’m accustomed to building my own antennas. Thicker copper wire is usually the standard, but over the years I’ve learned that thinner gauge wire will hold out sufficiently. It’s all in the packaging. Here are a […]

Waterproof products are very useful, but we sometimes forget the list that’s available. Water repellency is what we’re after, on the car, in the back yard, camping gear, marine, electronics, amateur radio gear, etc. Let’s finish the project with style. Top Waterproof Products 1. Scotch Electrical Tape Super 33+ Vinyl — The tape’s pressure-sensitive, rubber-resin […]

GPE 27 5/8 Antenna Good For DX

The low radiation angle for the Sirio Antenna Sirio GPE 27 5/8 is excellent for DX. The Sirio GPE 27 5/8 Antenna is designed for the 10m & 11m in frequency range. It’s omnidirectional and tunable by acting on the whip length, plus low radiation angle for excellent DX. The coil is protected by a […]

Signal Carrier In AM and FM Amplitude is defined as the distance between the tip crest of the wave to the rest position of the wave. With Amplitude modulation, the amplitude of the carrier wave varies, while the frequency remains constant. Frequency modulation is the encoding of information in a carrier wave by varying the […]

Today: Jan. 5, 2017 Yesterday: ISS Radio Report Wed, 2017 – 01 – 04 12:39 Twitter link: ISS Fan Club It was the first Wednesday in the month of January. The year of 2017 ushered in some very pleasant weather for much of the United States, just as Quebec and Vancouver in Canada had been […]

The slot antenna can be made out of any metal surface or plate, with the length of the slot being cut out by a frequency determined in advance. It can be designed and constructed using a discarded TV dish reflector. Believe me when I tell you that it works. In essence, what you have is […]

Yes, one could spend several hundred dollars for the optimum beams, which might extend 100 feet into the horizon. Or, one could expand the idea of a very cheap 26-inch bicycle rim. Admit it, we’ve heard about tuning a bicycle rim and using it. It will definitely go on 10 meters! SWR Antenna Analyzer is […]

RF Coax Adapter F Female To UHF Male PL-259 Connector From RG8X Coax To RG6 Coax. What is needed is this: RF coaxial coax adapter F female to UHF male PL-259 connector. Sometimes I will use an outside antenna that is not designed for this purpose, and feed it to my police radio scanner or […]

The Big Zapper: All Band Doublet

HF Bands Covered: 6 — 160 (192 feet length) The Big Zapper HF Antenna 1. Uses 96 feet quarter wave, or per leg. Copper wire (solid) preferred is AWG #14 or #12. Width is 192 feet total. 2. Uses 65 feet matching stub, feeding with 450 ohm ladder line, and 14 gauge is standard specification. […]

Morse Code By Sound

International Morse Code 1. The length of a dot is one unit. 2. A dash is three units. 3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit. 4. The space between letters is three units. 5. The space between words is seven units. 6. Di is for dot and dah is for […]

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