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The slot antenna can be made out of any metal surface or plate, with the length of the slot being cut out by a frequency determined in advance. It can be designed and constructed using a discarded TV dish reflector. Believe me when I tell you that it works. In essence, what you have is […]

Yes, one could spend several hundred dollars for the optimum beams, which might extend 100 feet into the horizon. Or, one could expand the idea of a very cheap 26-inch bicycle rim. Admit it, we’ve heard about tuning a bicycle rim and using it. It will definitely go on 10 meters! SWR Antenna Analyzer is […]

RF Coax Adapter F Female To UHF Male PL-259 Connector From RG8X Coax To RG6 Coax. What is needed is this: RF coaxial coax adapter F female to UHF male PL-259 connector. Sometimes I will use an outside antenna that is not designed for this purpose, and feed it to my police radio scanner or […]

The Big Zapper: All Band Doublet

HF Bands Covered: 6 — 160 (192 feet length) The Big Zapper HF Antenna 1. Uses 96 feet quarter wave, or per leg. Copper wire (solid) preferred is AWG #14 or #12. Width is 192 feet total. 2. Uses 65 feet matching stub, feeding with 450 ohm ladder line, and 14 gauge is standard specification. […]

Morse Code By Sound

International Morse Code 1. The length of a dot is one unit. 2. A dash is three units. 3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit. 4. The space between letters is three units. 5. The space between words is seven units. 6. Di is for dot and dah is for […]

The 80 Meter Cobra Antenna

The Cobra Antenna Is A Folded Dipole The original Cobra antenna was designed by W4JOH and it’s still being used in the amateur radio cosmopolitan universe. The 80 meter version is considered the standard, simply because it covers nearly all of the bands, and it covers them well. Pertaining to the uber popular 80 meter […]

With → WebSDR a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. There appears to be a recording feature which enables the user to record and listen to the playback. Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. There’s a map on the bottom of the page that […]

A Mobile Antenna Intended For Yaesu

As any experienced ham already understands, propagation is important, but having a good antenna is also critical. If you’re running a Yaesu mobile radio, then you might be interested in this antenna: Yaesu ATAS-120A 40 Meter through 70cm Auto Tune Motorized HF/VHF/UHF Antenna For FT-857D, FT-450DandFT-897D ATAS-120. I was listening to a ham in the […]

After opting for yet another computer upgrade, I decided to pull the SDR dongle from the shelf and give it a go. Installation can be a hassle, but there’s one particular thing that is usually forgotten. TIP REMINDER The dongle must be plugged in before installing the SDR Sharp software.

My aim was to build a 20 meter vertical out of copper, since copper is normally a very good conductor. Recently I bought a couple sections of copper pipe and clamped them together. The sections were 10 feet in length. I may later put up some elevated radials, but for now I am experimenting with […]

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