Today: Jan. 5, 2017
Yesterday: ISS Radio Report Wed, 2017 – 01 – 04 12:39
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It was the first Wednesday in the month of January. The year of 2017 ushered in some very pleasant weather for much of the United States, just as Quebec and Vancouver in Canada had been hit quite hard with layers of snow. There was a report indicating that the city of Vancouver had no more free road salt to offer?

As of today, we are receiving a good amount of snow in the states. No problem. I’ve heard of one incident where there was a 3-to-4 car pileup nearby, so it sounds treacherous for highway traveling. It’s a bad situation out there. The accidents keep coming on the radio. Meh.

HF propagation is not all that great today either. Forty meters is almost empty. Eighty meters is showing some limited activity.

The Icom in my mobile has been programmed with the downlink frequency, which is 145.800 MHz if my memory serves me right.

The voice of the ISS astronaut was registering a decent signal; probably peaking at around a 6 or 7. I don’t think he ever hit a full “5 9″ signal report, but he was very readable.

It seems like the operator said that he was the only American on board. Several other comments were interesting fodder for wintertime conversation.

He mentioned that laundry was not likely in space. Instead, the clothes are worn until no longer tolerated.

Emails can be instantly sent and received. The operator voted while in space.

Everything in space floats.

Good day and stay warm. 73