JTM2B Magnet Mount Antenna

If a cheap Mobile Scanner Antenna w/BNC is what you are in the market for, the JTM2B is one that you should consider. But don’t confuse the cheap price with performance. This antenna hears as well as the expensive mobile antennas. Actually it is a dual band antenna for amateur radio transceivers, but is a very effective mobile scanner antenna as well. (But, your friends do not need to know that this antenna is inexpensive.)

How does it look? This antenna is sleek, light, and all black. This mobile antenna is very inconspicuous. The antenna resembles a cell phone antenna. A big plus with this antenna is that there is no chrome. We all know that the cheap chrome will rust in no time.

This antenna performs very well. It is designed for 2m/70cm. Those frequencies are very similar to these: police, fire, emergency, government, utilities, businesses. The bands fall into the ranges of 150.000-174.000 MHz, and 450.000-470.000 MHz. Most of what is heard on a police scanner falls in this range.

Although the antenna was cut for these frequencies, it hears very well on the other bands as well. The JTM2B will definitely do the job.

The price is currently (approximately) $14.95 plus shipping and handling. That is a very competitive price. The JTM2B can be ordered at R&L Electronics. This antenna may be listed as an amateur radio antenna, but also performs doubly as a scanner antenna. It is made by Jetstream.

How does this antenna execute on 2m/70cm? No problems at all. Local repeaters easily hit with no noise. There are better high end antennas out there with more gain, but you will pay twice as much. Just depends on your needs.

This antenna works well with a HT. It is fitted with a BNC connector, which is conveniently used by many police scanners.


  • Works with 144 MHz and 440 MHz transceivers.
  • Typical VSWR of less than 2.0:1.
  • Comes already tuned, no tuning required.
  • Handles up to 50 watts of power.
  • Includes 12 ft of RG58/U coax cable.
  • Works with Police Scanners that use BNC.
  • Magnet Mount Antenna.
  • No chrome = better rust protection.
  • 1. Jetstream JTM2B – 2m/70cm Dual Band Mobile Antenna w/ Mag (BNC) — 2m/70cm Dual Band Mobile Antenna/ Magnet Kit with 12′ RG-58U Coax Cable, and with BNC Connector.