Tesla’s Thoughts About The Future

It has been said often — that every time we turn a light switch on, or any electrical appliance, it is Nikola Tesla that we owe gratitude for his contributions to society.

While this is yet true, I am in awe of his incredible vision of the future, and how frustrating it must have been to express his brilliance upon a society that was not prepared for his technical savvy.

Here are some thoughts of Nikiola Tesla on a variety of subjects. This man Tesla, is about a century ahead of his time, and his thoughts are quite captivating. His thoughts seem to be our thoughts today!

Here are some of Telsla’s own thoughts:

Electric Cars – 1904:

The application of electricity to the propulsion of automobiles is certainly a rational idea. The field is inexhaustible, and this new type of automobile, introducing electricity between the prime mover and the wheels, has, in my opinion, a great future.

Wireless Vision1915:

It is practicable to project the human voice not only to a distance of 5,000 miles, but clear across the globe. I pointed out then that the modulations of the human voice can be reproduced more clearly through the earth than through wire. By the same means I propose also to transmit pictures and project images.

Wireless is coming to mankind in its full meaning like a hurricane some of these days. Some day there will be, say, six great wireless telephone stations in a world system connecting all the inhabitants on this earth to one another, not only by voice, but by sight. It’s surely coming.

The Power Of The Future – 1915:

We have at our disposal three main sources of life-sustaining energy—fuel, water-power and the heat of the sun’s rays. The force of wind offers much better chances and is valuable in special instances, but is by far inadequate.

If we use fuel to get our power, we are living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly.

Wireless Transmission Of Energy – 1927:

The transmission of power without wires is not a theory or a mere possibility, as it appears to most people, but a fact demonstrated by me in experiments which have extended for years.

On Stimulants – 1935

I am convinced that within a century coffee, tea, and tobacco will be no longer in vogue. Alcohol, however, will still be used.

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