Carrying a mobile police scanner in the car is illegal in some states. This is something that I was aware of but I didn’t know that the use of police scanner apps on a mobile phone is considered illegal in some states, while traveling in a vehicle. The rules are different for commercial operators.

State scanner laws are available online and can be found. Users should be diligent and research the laws in their own state, since laws change from each jurisdiction. If one packs a scanner in the car, it is probably a good idea not to advertise it, since some cops frown upon this.

It’s quite interesting to note that the NSA can monitor all phone calls and all internet data but scanner listeners can be fined for packing a scanner in the car.

It is legal for persons in some occupations to carry mobile scanners, such as fire, rescue, journalists, etc.

Here are a few police scanner apps for iPhone.


1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite
2. Emergency Radio Free
3. Cop Radio