The Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) Antenna 20 Meters

Leg: 44 feet          Leg: 44 feet

[————————————]       [————————————]
|       |
|       |
|       |
|       |

Stub: 9 feet 6 inches (450 Ohm Ladder Line)

|      |
|      |
|      |

Coax to transmitter (50 Ohm any length)

It’s Time To Install The 20 Meter EDZ And Add 3-dB Gain Over Your Dipole!

This 20 Meter Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) antenna should produce a 3-dB over the average half-wave dipole. This is significant enough to try it. An automatic tuner should tune this antenna with no problem. If one should feel it necessary, a 1:1 Balun would do the job.

Basically, the Extended Double Zepp Antenna is a pair of 5/8 wave elements. Supposedly this is 1.25 waves in length.

For different bands and different lengths, here is a chart that is helpful. The figures are not exact with this example, but they are close enough for ham radio.

Let’s discuss. Word up: My Top Five Backyard Multi-Band Wire HF Antennas.

88 Ft Is The Magic Number

Here is the 20 Meter Zepp. For each leg use 44 feet, as 88 ft is the magic number. For the stub, use 9 feet 6 inches of 450 ohm ladder line coax.

Double-zepp Calculations

Total Length (ft)= 984/f (MHz) x 1.28

(A) One element:

One leg length… 640/F (MHz)

[L= W x 0.64]

(B) Stub length… 142/F (MHz)

The 12 Meter EDZ Antenna

The same principles apply for the 12 Meter EDZ. For each leg use 25 feet 3 inches. For the stub, use 5 feet 5 inches.