The future is now. If you are interested in electronics, or more specifically police scanners, then big changes are being made at this very moment. Long gone are the crystal days when all stayed the same. When it comes to police scanners, digital is the new kid on the block and digital is king. Software Defined Radio (SDR) is replacing the police scanner as we know it.

It does not mean that we will throw away our conventional police scanners. Access to computers, good software, and the technology that drives it signify a new age. We have already seen the coming of digital television. The next step will be digital audio.

Software defined radio is actually more practical if you think about it. The digital police scanner will cost you around $400 from the shelf. One may be found for a little less than that. If you want to search a brave new world of SDR with the computer, this will cost you just a little over $20!

This is significant enough to buy the dongle, download the SDR software (Windows), and dive into this new technology. There’s nothing to lose at all. The SDR software, which is free by the way, allows the user to find new frequencies in the digital world. This technology is definitely stirring some major excitement.

I just ordered the NooElec NESDR Mini USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver Set, which was previously packaged as: (TV28T v2.  RTL2832U & R820T Tuner, MCX Input. Low-Cost Software Defined Radio Compatible with Many SDR Software Packages. R820T Tuner & ESD-Safe Antenna Input, Guaranteed). I’ve looked at the other brands and I’ve decided on this one.

I’ve watched the YouTube video, but nothing beats hands-on experience.

In my personal opinion, software defined radio is going to grow and get better with time. Hobby enthusiasts are embracing this new technology that is bound to stay. The software is going to get better, thus opening the door even wider.

I’m a newbie myself, but it seems to me that the dongle will allow new frequencies to those that possess the analog police scanner. The potential provides numerous possibilities to explore.

I think the software defined radio is replacing the conventional police scanner. The future is now.


1. RF coaxial coax cable F female to MCX male right angle RG316 6” — You will need the adaptor — MCX male and whatever the style is necessary to hook up another antenna. The antenna supplied with the dongle is not that good. An external antenna is optimal for better receive. My antenna is supplied with TV cable, which uses the F-connector.
2. AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female Extension Cable – 9.8 Feet (3 Meters) — The USB extension cable will get the dongle away from the computer, because some recommend this due to noise reduction.