First of all, I am not a doctor. Therefore, this is not advise from a certified professional. However, I am acquainted with a very knowledgeable nurse who has been there and back. Her advice is solid. If you’re a true blue insomniac (me too), then you might consider the miracle pill.

And natural remedies should be sought before medications. Methods like reading, herbal teas, baths, etc. If these methods fail, it’s back to the miracle pill.

Okay, I’ll type the official name of the miracle pill. It’s labeled as Clorazepate, a “classical” benzodiazepine.

Always use precaution when taking any medication, because there can be side effects.

Take the miracle pill as needed, which is usually one to four times a week, depending on your stress level. A bad week will consist of four times.

Try a good book, an evening walk, or a classic movie. If the stress gets you down and you can’t find relief, a miracle pill is within reach as a last resort.

Yet, thankfully I do know of a sedative that is probably better for sleep than the magic pill. It is Mirtazapine, which falls under the label of Remeron.

In order to sleep well, relax, and get the rest that a healthy body needs, a medicine such as this is a requirement for some people. Always consult with your physician for more information.

Good night and good mental health…