Contaminated water with a certain type of bacteria is the cause of Legionnaires’ disease and is commonly found near cooler towers. There is not much clarity concerning the disease, and Wet Surface Cooling Towers (WSAC) are a big part of the equation.

Sensationalism is a tool sometimes overscored by the media, often inducing a sort of mass hysteria.

“The fact remains that these WSAC systems are atop almost every large building in New York City. On top of every tall building, these open (potentially stagnant) pools of water exist, and they vent directly into the air we all breath.”

Many of the cases were concentrated in the South Bronx area of New York. According to a statement from Mayor Bill de Blasio, “two more cooling towers have tested positive for bacteria that causes the severe form of pneumonia.”

Most residents are not at risk. The simple way to stop the problem is to test the cooler towers, and most of these towers have been cleaned. Legionnaires’ deaths have prompted NY Mayor Bill de Blasio to vow cooling tower regulations.