Where are those reptilian shape-shifters that predicted that an asteroid would hit the earth in September of 2015? I hate to break it to you naysayers of doom, but you were wrong once again! Confess and admit your guilt megalomaniacs! Where are those aliens that were to infiltrate my back yard? I’m not feeling the love.

Your credibility is at stake here. I do not have to prove you wrong the next time; you have to prove that you are credible and maybe you should do a little more research the next time. Okay?

On the other hand, thank you for the entertainment factor and keeping us on our feet. Perhaps, if there will be a real threat in the future, we shall remain confident that you will be better equipped the next time.)

We wish you well in your future endeavors and we hope you enjoy this September Equinox in all of its glory.

And one last thing. Try to keep free of those asteroids and aliens!