Eeeks! It’s just one of those days when the audio goes out on the television, which is connected to the DirecTV receiver box. The problem is actually to do with the DirecTV receiver box. For some unknown reason the TV turns silent and the universe is not complete. What to do? I want to hear some sound. Help?

The best choice is to…reset your DirecTV receiver box. There are a few menu options you will need to navigate through to get your audio working again.


  1. Press Menu Button on DirecTV Remote
  2. Parental, Fav’s & Setup
  3. System Setup
  4. Reset
  5. Reset Everything
  6. Press DASH (-) on DirecTV Remote

Never fear. The TV will shut itself off and the universe will go blank for a moment. Never fear. Programming will return to normal and then some sweet audio will come back to life once again.