The Wireless FM Transmitter is a new genre for me but there is hope! I recently bought the Music Gear F2516 Wireless FM Transmitter and here’s my take on it. Digital music in the car for little dinero. You just gotta love it!

I grabbed this unit on the cheap and was skeptical from the start. I’ve been smoked a few times on cheap electronic gadgets, specifically at the local dollar store, so I’m somewhat hesitant in the electronic department. Yet I get the urge to try something new occasionally.

Even so, I gave it a try. The packaging (hard plastic) requires some cutting with hand pruners, but not that difficult either.

Now to tell on myself. Duh, the packaging says to use it on the FM transmitter. So why do I try it on the AM band? I don’t know, maybe it’s the summer heat getting to me!

After flipping the car radio to the FM broadcast band, the gadget finally played. Like I said, the summer heat can be exhausting sometimes.

For what it is, I am quite surprised at the quality. This gadget actually rocks!

I don’t understand the harsh review online about this little toy. Are you kidding me? For a few bucks I can bring my digital library with me in the car? What’s not to like here? Seriously.

The connection is very simple. This unit is a plug-in type without bluetooth. I’m just doing music and not worried about cellphone transmission. However, I think this would probably work with phone. I’m almost sure it will.

The quality of sound isn’t that bad. It’s not super high fidelity, because I’m playing through factory car speakers, an older car at that. Some may think that the sound is slightly flat on some songs and this depends on the quality of the recording. I really can’t notice the flatness.

There’s slight distortion at times (or crackling if you will) and the bass isn’t ground shaking, but my speakers are old and mediocre. It’s just what I expected.

The FM frequencies were free in my area; in a big city this might not be the case. There may be some interference. Be aware. Also, there are only 4 presets and this unit is not adjustable like the other brands.

Here are the freqs: 88.1 MHz, 88.5 MHz, 88.9 MHz, and 89.3 MHz.

There were open frequencies in my area and the unit worked great.

The cigarette plug charger (included with the package) is kind of big but fits well after applying pressure. I unplug after each usage before going back into the house. The cigarette plug does not have an on/off switch but I do not feel this is a game changer.

The Music Gear F2516 unit does have a power switch, so I need to remember to turn it off, in order to save the battery power.

The Music Gear F2516 does require two AAA batteries to operate. No problem. Just don’t forget to insert them before walking to the car. Hmmm…Yes, I forgot.

For those desiring to spend a little more and get more versatility, try the Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger.

It’s very nice to bring the iPhone along and hear some preferred tunes. I give this gadget a thumbs up. It’s a cheap transmitter that works surprisingly well. Bingo!