Any outside event that is planned has a chance of being stifled. You plan, hope, and then wait. Hopefully mother nature will cooperate. The clouds are always a threat. On August 21, 2017, all things agreed for most of us in America. Did you see the eclipse?

Honestly, some solar glasses were bought previously, but the captured magic never occurred to anyone until yesterday. The first observation won the hearts of many! The black moon in front of the great big ol’ sun, which was shining ever so brightly?

Now we are believers in astronomy! Wow!

It’s hard to describe, but you had the feeling that just looking up at the sky would blind you. It is something that we humans take for granted.

The safety issue with welding glasses became obvious after reports came in about the discomfort of some viewing eyes. The reports were troubling, as some complained of sore, red eyes after viewing with welding glasses. Do not think so. Stick with certified solar glasses from now on. Note to self.

There were several amateur radio operators having the QSO party thing, but the bands remained fairly normal, normal lately meaning very poor to non-existent. The event was still very interesting.

You had to chuckle at the poor guys in Carbondale because the clouds would not scatter, or so it seemed. Maybe they got a glimpse at the end.

There were also reports of bumper to bumper traffic with speeds of 7-10 mph on the crowded freeways. Solar eclipse is a term now in the vernacular in America. Hopefully you got to enjoy the day. It was a nice one.

If you missed 2017’s total solar event, start planning for the next one on April 8, 2024: Total Solar Eclipse. You can see the path of the next one, which roughly extends from Dallas to Buffalo and Montreal in Canada.

You have 7 years to prepare for the next one so no excuses. See ya then!