Is the TYT-9800 getting popular? I’m hearing more of these radios every day and there’s a reason why. What is it?

Without a doubt it’s the price. The “other guys” sold a VHF/UHF transceiver of excellent quality, all equipped with four bands, but the price was kind of hefty. This is a point in time where the VHF band has become diminished. I think it’s fair to say so.

The price point on the TYT TYT-TH-9800 is under $200? This is very reasonably priced. Is it worth it?

One comment pointed out that the speaker jack was weak; whether this is true or not is to be seen. This would have to be examined.

One thing is for sure though. I’ve heard the radio on the air and it doesn’t sound that bad at all. Maybe it’s all in the tweaking. The transmit audio is very decent.

Overall a decent radio for the price with caveats. It could be that QC is a hit or miss junction.

Transmits on 10M (29Mhz), 6M (52Mhz), 2M (146Mhz) & 70cm (440Mhz).

I think that the 6 meter band would be worth it! Comeback time!