The smartphone has become prevalent in today’s culture, but the costs associated with owning one can run a bit excessive for the average person. Most smartphone users will invest $40 or more per month to secure those unlimited talk/text/data plans the leading carriers offer. And let’s not forget the amount you have to fork over to get the phone in the first place!

Not all of us can afford giving a thousand dollars for a face-recognizing iPhone or handing over $60 a month to bait and hook wireless providers. For our prudent minds the solution is simple: buy your smartphone used and pay for your service plan only when you need to.

As for the smartphone itself you can find great deals on used and refurbished iPhones or Android devices from top rated sellers on eBay. Instead of having the latest and greatest phone you could instead opt for a refurbished iPhone 5 or a new Samsung Galaxy S5.

The service plan doesn’t have to be costly either. You can get monthly plans from TracFone starting at only $15 per month or pay $125 for the whole year. And yes you can use an older iPhone or Android device with the Bring Your Own Phone service that TracFone offers.

Used phones and pay as you go plans will save you abundantly in the long run.

“Can you hear me now?”