Yes you could say that newer digital technologies have improved music listening and I could hardly disagree with you, but I grew up in a time when broadcast radio was all we had. (Remember the little pocket AM radio?) I still value it so and really like tinkering with radio reception. Here’s how my FM radio reception improved dramatically.

First of all all, a good antenna is imperative. More metal, more height, or at least a decent FM yagi is a plus. Location is also very important but not the whole kit and kaboodle.

What is it that took my signal to another level?

Believe it or not it was the 1990’s style of technology: Archer Radio Shack UHF/VHF/FM High-Gain Signal Amplifier 20dB Model 15-1113.This amplifier was made to improve radio signal and boy does it work like a charm. No kidding.

Under the best radio propagation conditions my AM/FM signal quality was nominal. Don’t get me wrong, because I could get a fair to reasonable sound out of my old radio that I dug out of a garbage bin. I do have some decent antennas but wasn’t completely happy with the sound quality. You know the old sizzling, frying pan annoyance?

The Archer signal amplifier even helped with AM radio reception, which kind of surprised me. I am a big fan of AM broadcasting.

However, this amplifier was only average with my police radio scanner on the narrow bands and I don’t know why. With FM broadcast it provided stellar performance.

The greatly improved FM radio reception really stunned me. It must have a broader, stronger bandwidth to drive as a preamp.

I do like to crank the old FM radio machine up occasionally. Give me the golden oldies—60’s,70’s and 80’s—it is all about that bass!

Yahoo! Good day!