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The Raspberry Pi is a neat little gadget which is hooked up to my HDMI port on the new television set. But what about RPi in the bedroom? How to connect Raspberry Pi to an old style TV? Is this possible? A simple adapter is required: Parts Express 3.5mm Plug (4 Pole) To 3 RCA […]

It’s Easy As Raspberry PI 3

Grasping today’s technology is invigorating if not, shall we dare say, enlightening. We’re entering another phase of technology if you will, and it’s easy as saying Raspberry Pi 3. If you want to discover the future of computing, then here’s the action kit: CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Kit with Clear Case and 2.5A Power Supply. […]

The Twenty-One Foot Man Eater Nearly Got Me! Well, I could pretend this was a wild fishing expedition on the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Florida somewhere, but let me be honest. The green screen, also known as chroma key, arrived in the mail and I’m having some fun with it. The photo […]

Send digital audio to the old stereo with digital to analog adapter. Don’t you hate it when you buy the 43 inch HDTV and the audio output is limited? Why can’t the manufacturer add better audio outputs? Anyhow, if you’re lucky enough to have an optical output, here’s an adapter that may be of use: […]

Valuable heat may be escaping through the doors and windows, and this means a larger heating bill. Find out where to insulate like the pros. Is there a practical device to measure surface heat? Stick this in your toolbox: Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun, Yellow/Black. It has a built […]

Reduce Stress With Elegant UnicornTech USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp Wireless and portable LED desk lamp on demand. Power outage got you frustrated? What if you had a USB Powered Lamp that is rechargeable? It can be powered by built-in battery so it’s wireless and portable. You can move around in your house or take it when […]

Portable Digital Media Player Guarantee: Lifetime customer support and a 5 year warranty are included! Personalize your taste in a minute. The technology is here to do just that. Enter the age of the Digital Media Player…Choose the concert and the time, without all of the hassles. Wherever there’s a modern television set and an […]

RCA Switcher 8-In-1-Out Composite Box Let’s say that you have something like a Roku box hooked up to your television, and you want to add another device such as a DVD player. Suppose you would prefer the convenience of a switch or a button, instead of plugging and unplugging the wires every time you change […]

How much faster is VDSL than ADSL?

What Is VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line)? Most of us are familiar with ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line), or what we refer to as DSL. DSL is common in the United States. How much faster is VDSL than ADSL? The experts claim that it’s 3X faster than DSL. VDSL is widely available in towns and […]

The Dawning Of The Age Of The Airless Tire: Let The Sunshine In The age of the airless tire is almost here. And why shouldn’t it be? How many of you have ever gone through the hassle of changing a flat tire? Not very groovy is it? Please do not tread on me… Airless tires […]

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