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The Politics Of Digital Radio Is analog radio being phased out? Is digital radio technology ready for prime time? Is it adequate for emergency use? Some police and firefighters in the United States are asking to delay or put off going to a state-of-the-art digital radio system. Public safety officials are voicing their concerns over […]

Listen To Live Police Scanners On Your PC 1.  Police Scanners – Click here for live police scanners in your state! [Broadcastify] 2.  Scanner Frequencies – Click here to get radio frequencies! [Radio Reference] UPDATE NOTICE: It appears that RadioReference has transferred the audio feeds to Broadcastify. Per Blanton: Soft launch means we’ll run both […]

Cheap Mobile Scanner Antenna

JTM2B Magnet Mount Antenna If a cheap Mobile Scanner Antenna w/BNC is what you are in the market for, the JTM2B is one that you should consider. But don’t confuse the cheap price with performance. This antenna hears as well as the expensive mobile antennas. Actually it is a dual band antenna for amateur radio transceivers, […]

Uniden Bearcat BCD996T

Uniden Bearcat BCD996T With APCO 25 Digital Capability The Ultimate Police Scanner The Uniden BCD996T 6000 Channel Mobile Trunking Scanner with GPS Support and APCO-25 is an excellent scanner that any scanner enthusiast would love to own. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but this one will get those channels that the normal scanner will not. […]

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