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There’s no doubt about it. Life is full of uncertainty, friends sometime stray away, the roof may leak, the winds will howl often in the winter, and the hot summer sun will give you a good sunburn if you stand around too long. A positive outlook is required even for skeptics. If life gives you […]

Where are those reptilian shape-shifters that predicted that an asteroid would hit the earth in September of 2015? I hate to break it to you naysayers of doom, but you were wrong once again! Confess and admit your guilt megalomaniacs! Where are those aliens that were to infiltrate my back yard? I’m not feeling the […]

Contaminated water with a certain type of bacteria is the cause of Legionnaires’ disease and is commonly found near cooler towers. There is not much clarity concerning the disease, and Wet Surface Cooling Towers (WSAC) are a big part of the equation. Sensationalism is a tool sometimes overscored by the media, often inducing a sort […]

NASA Webcam Websites: 1. NASA TV 2. UStream channel NASA TV to Host Perseid Meteor Shower Program Live Coverage of 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower at NASA. Viewers can enjoy a front row seat, because a webcam will go live at the NASA website. This week’s Perseid show is expected to be one of the best […]

Is Pluto A Planet Or Not?

Pluto viewed by the New Horizons spacecraft on July 12, 2015 Pluto was kicked out of the solar system! Gee, I’m getting the collywobbles, because Pluto was kicked out of the solar system! We’ve been told for years that it was a planet and now it is considered somewhat of an ice ball! What? What about […]

Lightning Fatalities 2005-2014

According to the National Weather Service: Lightning strikes the United States about 25 million times a year. Although most lightning occurs in the summer, people can be struck at any time of year. Lightning kills an average of 49 people in the United States each year, and hundreds more are severely injured. Source: National Weather […]

There are several types and sub-types of Dysautonomia. I have two types: POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. My sub-type is hyperMCA POTS, which is a rare subset of the hyper POTS sub-type.) NCH/NMH (Neurocardiogenic Syncope, also called Neurally Mediated Hypotension, as well as a few other variations that all refer to the same thing.) Dysautonomia […]

The NASA All-sky Fireball Network is a network of cameras set up by the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) with the goal of observing meteors brighter than the planet Venus, which are called fireballs. The network currently consists of 15 cameras, 6 of which are placed in locations in north Alabama, north Georgia, southern Tennessee, […]

First of all, I am not a doctor. Therefore, this is not advise from a certified professional. However, I am acquainted with a very knowledgeable nurse who has been there and back. Her advice is solid. If you’re a true blue insomniac (me too), then you might consider the miracle pill. And natural remedies should […]

The winter of 2015 has given us a harsh reminder as to how temperature plays a role in our ordinary lives. It’s been many years since the news sprouted so many stories about frozen pipes. City main water lines did burst and communities rediscovered what it is like to go without water. Now, to the […]

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